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Viva La Pluto! By Nicolle Hernandez

Remember when we had 9 planets, but then NASA decided that Pluto did not fit the description of a planet. Now experts are debating whether Pluto should be readmitted as a planet or not.

According to the IAU planet definition committee, the definition of a planet is a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, round, and has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. Pluto passes all of these except the last one. Other celestial objects occupy the path Pluto takes around the sun as well.

Recently, people were asked to vote on the subject and the outcome was yes, Pluto is a planet.  Alas, although the audience voted Pluto is still officially still a dwarf planet until the IAU planet definition committee decides to change the definition of a planet.



El Toro Times

ISIS Terrorist Threat by Enrique Ruvalcaba

  Isis is a Middle Eastern terrorist group currently controlling much of Iraq and Syria. ISIS began in 2004 in an effort to stop American forces in Iraq. ISIS is an anti- western military group devoted to create an independent Islamic State. Most of the ISIS fighters are part of a religious faction in Iraq called the “Sunni's” who were supported by Saddam Hussein. This process of warring in an Islamic state is called a “Caliphate.”  ISIS wants this Caliphate to use brutal violence against non-Muslims, Americans, Westerners, and any moderate Muslims.

ISIS informs the people from their Caliphate that if they ever steal or use drugs they will get their hands cut off. .  ISIS is not similar to other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. ISIS is highly militarized; they plan to conquer and rule cities. ISIS also is self funded. People who live in the area get taxed and robbed in some cases, for the funding of ISIS. They also own several oil plants in Iraq and Syria; people estimate that ISIS is making up to 1 million dollars a day. People fear that ISIS will actually target their countries and eventually send an over sea’s attack. 

Movie Reviews by Suzanna Aguilar

Boxtrolls is an animated movie; if you love Tim Burton films this will be perfect for you.  It is adorable with funny weird looking creatures who live under the town of Cheesebridge.  A human boy named “Eggs” is one of these “Boxtrolls”,and there are men who hunt these creatures.  One of these men,the head of that pack, is egotistical and plans to take the mayor’s place.  When Eggs realizes that more and more of his Boxtrolls are getting captured, he gets sick of them not standing up for themselves.  Then he meets the mayor’s’daughter who is not your regular rich and preppy girl. 

Setting aside their differences and hoping to open the people’s eyes of Cheesebridge, these Boxtrolls are not what they seem to be.  It sends a message that you are who you are, and to embrace your originality.  It shows that materials objects in life do not matter, and they do not define who you are.  I would give it three and a half stars.  Overall, it is a great film but not the best.

Having suspense and romance, The Best of Me is definitely a must watch.  Two young lovers living in a small town find themselves helplessly in love, they come from different sides of the pond.  But later there is a  confrontation that changes everything.


US Embargo of African Countries by Jose Puentes

The United States made the decision to enforce an embargo of African countries. An embargo is when a country stops all trade with another country. The reason for this drastic decision is because of the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa. Ebola is a horrible disease that can be contracted through touch. The Ebola disease takes around a week to take full effect; the final effect is death. The symptoms for Ebola begin with a cold then a fever, followed by internal bleeding, and finally comes death. Ebola has killed around 10,141 people in Africa.

Although the United States tried to keep the outbreak out of our country they were unsuccessful. There was a recent report that a man in Texas, who had gone to the hospital,  was told he had a cold and later returned to be told that he had Ebola.

The man had been in Africa and was at risk of contracting the disease. He then stated that he had helped a woman in Africa who may have had the disease. He then stated that he took her to the hospital, and they did not attend to  her when asked, so he returned her back to her home. Because she was unable to walk, he carried her home. That was when he contracted the disease.

 Reports later came that before returning to United States he had gone to a hospital before entering  the United States and was told he had not contracted the disease. Reports later came in that two nurses had been infected with Ebola as well. They were the two nurses who had been helping the man in Texas.  One of the women had traveled to other places. There may have been others who may have had contracted the disease.

The good news is that there have been no deaths reported of Americans who may have been exposed on US soil.


ASk Abbey

“Since the beginning of the school year, my whole mindset has dramatically changed. I sleep very little and even when I do, I am dreaming of school. I have no time to spare and indulge in simple pleasures of life because I find myself regretting it. I doubt myself on a day-to-day basis, and it seems the more I want to succeed, the more difficult it gets. I look at other people, and it all seems so easy for them. They are so blissful, yet here I am, thinking of ways to ensure triumph. Why does it seem so difficult for me? Is it possible to have an enjoyable life while fighting a constant battle to succeed or does the “enjoyable life” come after you succeed? “ [Stressed Out]

Dear [Stressed Out],

The reason it seems so difficult for you is probably because you’re pressuring yourself to be so successful and that stress builds up inside of you, which is the problem. Don’t take what you can’t handle. There is a way to enjoy yourself even through the piles of work. It’s not necessary to wait until you fully succeed in life. Find a day out of the week where you may not have as much to do, and make that your fun day, preferably a Saturday or Sunday.  Have family time or hang out with friends or have some “Me” time. There should always be time for yourself. Don’t worry because everyone goes through this. If you decide to take my advice, you will feel a great sense of relief and a great weight lifted off your shoulders..