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11th Grade

11th Grade Checklist


Fall Semester

  • Take the PSAT in October of junior year.  Your guidance counselor can also provide information about registration and fee waivers.  The PSAT taken in the 11th grade, and the score received can qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Funds.
  • Review your class schedules with your school guidance counselor to make sure that you have taken, and are taking, the college preparatory courses required for admission to a selective university.
  • Maintain an “A” or “B” grade point average.  Your junior year grades will weigh heavily in the college’s decision.
  • Participate in academic enrichment programs. Colleges and universities organize excellent summer programs on campus for incoming high school seniors.  Ask your college counselor about these programs.
  • Attend college fairs and presentations by representatives of colleges and universities. 
  • Update the file on colleges and universities that appeal to you.  Write or call the Office of Admissions of these institutions in order to request a copy of an application for undergraduate admissions and financial aid; a catalog or bulletin; information about financial aid; and materials about your proposed college major.  Your school college counselor can provide the addresses and telephone numbers of these schools.
  • Read all the college materials you receivecarefully.  Compare requirements for admission and financial aid available at each institution.
  • Call to request an appointment to meet with a representative of the Office of Admissions when you visit colleges and universities. Take a list of questions with you that you may have about the school, as well as a copy of your transcript or a list of all courses you have taken to date, beginning in the 9th grade.
  • Consider taking a UC-approved community college course this year and/or during the summer.


Spring Semester

  • Plan and register for the college entrance examinations (SAT Reasoning or ACT and SAT Subject Tests).  Take the SAT reasoning, ACT and Subject tests in March, May and June. Meet with your guidance or college counselor, and take the SAT again in the fall, if necessary (also read the 12th grade checklist).  Check registration deadlines.
  • Prepare for the SAT or ACT by reading books and manuals with testing tips and sample questions. You should also consider attending workshops on how to prepare for the entrance exams - these may be offered by your high school, by colleges and universities, or by private firms.
  • Begin to seek out scholarship information.  Prepare scholarship applications.

11th Grade Project