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Mr Carrasco

  • Mexican-American Studies
  • World History
  • Honors World History
  • AP Government/Economics
  • Geography (Pre-AP)

Mr Payne, Department Head

  • Ethnic Studies/Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Government
  • US History
  • Honors US History

History & Social Science

World map and student

social justice for upstanders

The SJLAM History and Social Science program provides a solid foundation in cultural literacy, global citizenry, and public service through legal practice for student upstanders.

Our approach is intended to support students as they become leaders and civic participants through college preparatory, college-level, and career technical coursework.

Our educational strategy is structured by mastery grading and learning practices with standards-based learning targets.

The scope and sequence of our college preparatory and career ready curriculum provides an aligned progression from year to year for our learning community as well as a differentiated approach to cultivate capacity in each individual student.

All students have equity in access to Advanced Placement (AP) college-level courses, University of California approved and school designated Honors courses, and coursework in the Career Technical Education (CTE) Public Service Legal Pathway certified by Linked Learning.


Student teams study a hypothetical case, conduct legal research, and receive guidance from volunteer attorneys in courtroom procedures and trial preparation.

The trial itself is a simulation of a criminal case, in which students portray lawyers, witnesses, court clerks, and bailiffs, thus acquiring a working knowledge of our judicial system while developing their analytical abilities and communication skills.

The Los Angeles Mock Trial Program is an academic competition in which over 2,500 high school and middle school students compete at the county level. 


Real judges and real cases are adjudicated in our Franky Carrillo Teen Court at SJLAM. Teen Court is both a club and a community service where students gain real world and work ready experience in school.

public service: legal pathway

Courses offered:

  • Law 1: Principles
  • Law 2: Office Procedures
  • Law 3: Paralegal
  • Juvenile Justice

history & social science program

Courses offered:

  • Ethnic Studies
  • Mexican-American Studies
  • Government
  • World History
  • US History
  • Honors US History
  • AP US History

~ Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977)